Centili reduces Android in app purchase SDK to 50kb!

Ana Sunjic

Marketing Specialist - Mobile Payments

Centili recently reduced its Android in app payments library, enabling an even smoother integration and handling of carrier billing in Android mobile apps. At only 50kb, it is currently the smallest Android library SDK on the market. The size of the earlier Centili Android SDK was 794kb, so the weight has been cut down by over 93%.

This development will allow content providers and merchants to further improve user experience and conversion rates as they monetise digital goods via Android apps.

Why does this matter? There is a vast number of older or low-end smartphones that don’t offer massive storage space. These older models allow users to have only a small number of apps on their devices. In such cases, installing one additional app usually means deleting another, and users pay close attention to the size of the app they’re about to install. This is where the app size directly impacts the number of installs, and the difference between a 3MB and 4MB app is very important to the user.



Some app stores also impose size limits, meaning that for bigger apps access to these stores will be limited. Lower space consumption by the billing library also means developers get more space for the core app features. Ultimately, all this will result in a less heavy app with quicker loading times, so it’s no wonder that start-ups and app developers are constantly trying to reduce the size of their in app payments library.

Therefore, when choosing the billing provider for your app, one of the most important factors you shouldn’t overlook is the size of their Android SDK. With Centili, adding top in app purchase capability doesn’t mean bloated apps – adding as little as ~50KB to your app leaves you with more space, and results in more app installs and quicker loading times.