Monetise In Thailand With Centili Subscriptions

Ana Sunjic

Marketing Specialist - Mobile Payments

The low average age of Thailand’s digital content consumer, and the country’s low credit card penetration rate present a continuing trial for merchants, challenging them to think beyond traditional billing models.

Other, more suitable options, are often based on mobile phones and consumers’ existing billing relationships with mobile network operators. Smooth, secure, and convenient payment flows – for both consumers and merchants – have evolved from these relationships, and different forms of carrier billing are thriving as a result.

With Centili subscription flows available with all the major MNOs in Thailand, and their growing popularity among consumers, opportunities for digital merchants to improve their monetisation of apps and sites are more than plentiful. Centili recurring billing solution comes with a secure and transparent management system. For merchants, it only takes setting a few parameters in the Partner Panel before they can offer buyers a daily, weekly or monthly subscription to their favourite digital goods. Subscriptions can easily be a step in the right direction for game developers and content providers selling to Thailand’s consumers.

Top spenders in the country spend up to €130 per month on subscription-based services, while average monthly spending per user amounts to a little more than €10. Operating in Thailand for years, Centili has also complemented its mWallets coverage by integrating the most popular monetisation options for digital content in the country – AIS’s mWallet mPay, and TrueMove’s TrueMoney.

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