Centili adds trusted WEB, WAP flows for Vodafone mobile payments in Spain

We have recently introduced a trusted payments flow for Vodafone Spain which improves conversion rates and transfers payment processing from the operator’s side to the merchant.

Online vendors can now implement a fully-customisable payment page to match their website’s look and feel. With all payments being made on the page, without redirecting buyers to the operator’s service, merchants have full control of the mobile payment experience and can count on higher conversion rates as a result of the reduced number of steps in the user payments flow.

Depending on the channel that the customers use to start the purchase, the trusted service offers WEB and WAP flows. The WEB flow consists of the users entering their phone number on the payment page. The MNO then sends an SMS with a one-time PIN to the user’s mobile phone who then enters the PIN on the payment page.

The WAP flow is started by users simply tapping the payment page’s “Accept” button. The purchase is immediately charged to their mobile phone bill. This greatly simplifies the payment flow for end-users, resulting in higher payment conversion rates and less interrupted transactions.

With Centili, merchants can also add a fully-automated subscription management without the need to invest in extra hardware or software. It allows end-users to have continuous access to digital products and services without having to constantly renew their subscription.

In order to implement this trusted flow, merchants have to meet a set of quality standards set by Vodafone.