Centili via Xsolla now available in 48 countries

Looking for an international mobile payment provider for your game? Apart from the fact that our Centili solution is available through a simple sign-in process, now you can use our services via Xsolla as well.

Xsolla is a US-based payment solution provider specializes in online games, integrating over 500 types of payments, and bringing Centili mobile payments closer to anyone who wishes to monetise their digital content. For now, Xsolla is supporting Centili mobile payments in 48 countries. A complete list of countries and other details can be found at http://xsolla.com/directory.

If you wish to monetise your digital content in other countries currently not available via Xsolla, Centili is still the choice, as it is fast completing its global coverage. For more details contact our team at info@infobip.com