Centili Subscription-Based Carrier Billing Available in Indonesia

By launching recurring payments with our partners XL, Indosat Ooredoo and 3 (Three) in Indonesia, we have opened monetisation opportunities for subscription-based businesses like Badoo and enabled seamless carrier subscriptions for more than 200 million connections.

Guided by our local experts across Asia-Pacific market, we understand the needs of end users, online merchants, and carriers, and are optimally positioned to provide solutions for business growth and user experience improvement. Our approach to creating customized mobile payments experiences in different markets and for different services allows both merchants and operators to fulfill their carrier billing potential.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the fastest growing digital populations in Asia with more than 212 million unique mobile subscribers and mobile phone penetration at 126%, 47% of which is occupied by smartphones. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users in Indonesia is expected to reach 96 million by 2021.

It’s also a country with a lacking bank infrastructure. Nearly two-thirds of the country is still unbanked, which is why the majority of the population cannot make online payments.  According to Global Findex it has one of the lowest bank account ownership rates in the world with 36%, compared to more than 80% mobile account ownership. It is expected that the total population of bankable unbanked Indonesians will continue to grow and reach 113 million by 2020

Potential of carrier billing in Indonesia can be seen from the growing number of mobile subscribers and lack of banking infrastructure, which ultimately resulted in a vastly unbanked population. Our mission is to power a new payments infrastructure, enabling access to that part of the population. This is done by connecting online merchants with that market potential, adding carrier billing infrastructure, connections, consultancy, and support. By giving any mobile phone owner the ability to subscribe to digital services and make payments with his/her mobile account, carrier billing brings an increased payment reach for carriers and digital merchants.

Centili’s technology for recurring payments improves user experience and adds advanced features such as downscale and split billing that optimize revenue and lifts user lifetime value. Subscription-based business models now have access to that technology as a payment method that enables them to monetise unbanked users in Indonesia.


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