Complement payments with high-end user engagement

The main challenge for apps and mobile games is to create a growing and loyal user base. We’re here to help start-ups and established apps monetise, but also achieve their goals in every step of user acquisition and retention.

By implementing Centili your clients can seamlessly pay with their mobile devices, but that’s not the whole story. This is why we developed a platform for app developers who want to engage and retain their user base – our app engagement solution. Here, push notifications are most effective, helping you build communication, devotion and relationships with your users, converting them into buyers.

With our new pricing model, you can send 14 million of fully featured Infobip push notifications, engaging your continuously growing app user base.

If informing them with fresh gaming features and exciting new offers isn’t enough, Infobip Push also offers advanced functionalities, such as utilising your user’s location to deliver the right information at the best possible time. There are many more features to discover and experiment with, much to the satisfaction of your customer base. This free whitepaper can help you create an addictive app with only 6 simple ingredients.

Integration is also easy. Our libraries support Android, iOS and Windows phone apps, but we also developed mobile framework plugins for Cordova, PhoneGap and Unity3D frameworks. Test out our demo, create an account and we’re sure that millions of notifications will prove quite convincing, both for your business and users.