Expanded coverage in Africa, Asia, MENA, and LATAM

In order to better support your business, we are constantly improving our mobile payments coverage, flows and business models all around the world.

New countries covered   As you can see, Kenya and Nigeria have been added to our coverage list. Soon, our coverage in Lebanon, Argentina, Columbia, Algeria, and Iraq will be going live as well. If you are already our client and would like to add these countries to your list it will take just a few clicks in our Partner Panel.

Subscription services additions

We have also broadened content-based and time-based subscription services which now include United Kingdom, Brazil and Serbia. Now you can activate daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions in these countries by setting a few parameters in the Partner Panel.

New m-payment options and extra services

In addition, our company has recently implemented m-commerce direct mobile billing in Russia, supporting m-payments for digital and physical goods. The pay-out rates for this highly popular mobile payment option are up to 95%, targeting only pre-paid users. You can find more details in our official press release. There are more than a few extra services made available to you, including our publishing service for Japan or preloading options for your application on popular app stores.

Contact us for more details on extra services and new coverage. Follow our website to stay up to date.