In-app payments for Windows Phone now available!

Infobip is proud to present its Windows Phone Library, offering a great way for startups and other app development companies to monetise their Windows Phone apps.

Already, Windows Phone is among top three smartphone platforms and has a growing market share. Their app store has over 200,000 different apps, enabling a smooth in-app payment experience to WP users, something that has been a prominent focus of app developing companies around the world for quite some time as indicated by the aforementioned numbers. The Windows Phone Platform has two methods of payment – Wallet and Mobile Operator Billing. With the Wallet, users can choose between various payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, Microsoft Gift Card, etc.).

Windows Phone has recently added Mobile Operator Billing as a payment method, for users from countries where MOB is supported by their operator, with coverage of 36 countries. Mobile Operator Billing will be offered as a mean of payment to your app users only in these 36 countries. However, besides offering a fast and simple way to charge your Windows Phone users, Infobip’s Centili platform offers numerous benefits such as spreading mobile operator billing coverage to countries not supported by Windows Phone, and to countries where we offer better conditions than Windows Phone Store in regards to operator billing.

Windows Phone has no limitations for third party providers, so the gap in their mobile operator billing coverage can be filled with Centili's global coverage. Infobip has a global Direct Mobile Billing coverage, with 4 billion mobile users reached over our platform. Our merchants trust our expertise and experience growth in conversion rate and transaction value. Once you integrate Centili, the payment procedure for the end user is quite simple. When the user clicks on „Pay“, the first thing we do is start our library and automatically recognise his country and his mobile operator.

Depending on the country our library leads the customer through a secure, easy-to-complete payment process. Upon completing the transaction, users are notified of a successful transaction and get redirected to the app to use the purchased item. Simple, isn’t it?

With our Android Library and the recently constructed Windows Phone Library, we are covering two biggest smartphone platforms with enterprise-grade payment services for our merchants. Integrate them into your app and never again miss out on Windows Phone user revenue!