Infobip To Provide Carrier Billing Solution To IPS

Infobip, mother company of Centili, has announced a partnership with International Processing Solution (IPS), a merchant services company based in US. IPS will use Centili, Infobip’s mobile payments platform that enables the purchase of digital goods via mobile phones. Powered by direct mobile billing (also known as carrier billing), the process is safe, convenient and is particularly suitable for micro payments, such as in gaming, dating or global e-commerce.

Centili will be the first mobile payment platform to support the global business of  IPS. IPS clients will be able to integrate all the features of Centili —partner panel, subscription management system, in-app payment and payment widget — in a 10-minute setup process. "As a part of the global Infobip family of products and solutions, Centili has all the support of our experience, know-how and partnerships with operators all over the world," Infobip’s CEO Silvio Kutic said.

"We are excited about the arrangement with IPS. Together we can help merchants in worldwide monetization of their digital goods in only a few simple steps“. “We expect to provide merchants interested in leveraging mobile traffic with a superior payment platform to ones they may have seen in the past, with particular features and unique history well-suited to the needs of our industry“, says Dennis DeLaRosa, President of IPS. The integration of the Infobip mobile payments platform is complete and already available to all IPS clients globally. This way, IPS clients will be able to use and combine the features of carrier billing with other payment options.