Japan: credit cards included in ¥Coins

From the day we created ¥Coins, the virtual currency for Japan, we worked hard on including all operators and popular top-up cards into our platform so you can have a great reach. We haven’t stopped there, so we’ve recently enabled in-app payments for Android mobile games. Now, we’re including credit cards as a payment option for all ¥Coins users in Japan. If your content is accepting ¥Coins, you will probably experience a revenue boost very soon.

There are different levels of DMB (direct mobile billing) adoption around the world. In Japan, one third of in-game payments are made through mobile, one third through top-up cards and the rest are credit cards. We’re rounding off this cycle by adding credit card payment options for ¥Coins end users. End users can top-up their account by using Visa, MasterCard or JCB.   If you are still thinking about reaching Japan, think no more. ¥Coins can be your perfect starting point.

For more details on ¥Coins opportunities, payment services and promotional packages, contact our sales team.