Centili launches new web widget and new Android library

With the recent launch of a new Payment Page and new Android library, Centili has simplified the integration of mobile payments for merchants even further, and enabled additional reductions in the payment flow.


The reduction was made possible with the new user identification feature. Once a service or a product has been paid for, a user can make subsequent purchases without being required to provide their mobile phone number again. All later transactions are registered automatically, which makes the process faster and easier for buyers, decreases the number of interrupted transactions, and increases conversion rates.

The new identification mechanism brings with it another improvement – it facilitates cross-platform purchases. By using the same account, users can easily pay for goods they discover on their desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet or laptop without having to leave their payment details over and over again, before every purchase. Also, our Android SDK library has been significantly reduced to the size below 50kb, resulting in less space consumption for your app.

To learn more about the most recent Centili developments , contact us today or schedule a meeting with our representatives at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (02-05 March).