Subscription Management Improved

One of the capabilities of our mobile payments platform is its fully automated subscription management system. It allows end users to have continuous access to products and services they love by paying a subscription price. System and service quality are our top priorities and allow us to provide reliable, secure and valuable solutions to our clients, mobile network operators and most importantly, end users.

Mobile subscribers who use their phones to smoothly pay for the things they buy in the digital space are our greatest priority because in the end, it’s all about them. No matter if it’s gaming tokens, social network features or any other kind of goods that merchants around the world have made available through our mobile payments system, they expect, and we want to give them the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. That’s where our exceptional subscription solutions come into play, developed specifically to maintain the satisfaction of end users – mobile buyers’.

Automatic subscription reminders

With Centili, mobile phone users don’t have to think about their subscriptions any more. Our mobile payments platform has this great possibility of automatically sending them reminders and providing information about the service they are paying for on a recurring basis. Depending on the requirements, reminders are time-based and easy to set in our system. Delivered to the subscriber a few days before charging occurs, a subscription reminder contains the information about a specific service that is currently active, i.e. one a subscriber can use. Also, mobile buyers are informed on how they can unsubscribe, if they wish to stop using the service.

Time-limited subscriptions

In most cases, subscriptions are permanent until the end user unsubscribes from the service. In other words, subscribers are charged until they send an explicit request to unsubscribe. Centili makes it possible to set the time limitation for a subscription-based service. When someone is subscribing to a specific service, they can set a validity period. It means that the end user will be automatically unsubscribed from the service after the predefined period of time elapses. This way, users do not need to bother with unsubscribing manually. This means that there will be no unlimited or uncontrolled expenditures for subscriptions. Our platform allows the setting of daily and monthly constraints on how much money subscribers will spend. With detailed statistics, users can check and monitor their spending in real time, and gain full control of expenses they have incurred via their mobile phones. Paying via mobile phone is transparent and seamless, both with regular and subscription-based purchases made on mobile phones.