Stefan Kostic steps up as a new Centili CEO

After five successful years with the company, and being responsible for many key carrier billing developments across the mobile payments industry, Stefan Kostic, former Centili Chief Commercial Officer, has been appointed Centili CEO, effective immediately. Kostic takes over from Ante Ukalovic, who recently stepped down.

Stefan has played a key role in Centili’s expansion and market positioning to date. His exceptional knowledge of the sector, strong relationships with partners, and invaluable leadership and business development capabilities have all led to Stefan being appointed as Centili’s CEO to drive what promises to be a period of innovation in the coming months.

Stefan Kostic joined Centili in 2012 and began his career with the company in Belgrade, Serbia. In less than a year, Kostic relocated to Kuala Lumpur to launch Centili into a new market, which then sparked a series of further international successes for the company. Kostic spent almost four years building strong operator partnerships from Malaysia, before expanding Centili’s international footprint once more by launching Centili’s office in Shenzhen.


“People like Stefan, with his extensive international experience in all aspects of the mobile payments industry, are what powers Centili. Addressing client needs and pain points, while directing and examining top industry trends, he has helped Centili establish a presence around the world. Stefan has given us unprecedented insight for further platform development, building a personalized approach to each partnership while keeping operators in the center of the value chain.”

 Aleksandar Brankovic, Centili CTO


Stefan’s time in Asia Pacific was marked by the relationships built with operators in the region, broadening carrier billing use cases and leading some of the biggest regional merchants to Centili’s carrier billing solutions. He directed and managed the Centili’s APAC team first as a Regional Business Director and later as the Global Chief Commercial Officer. Now, building on previous accomplishments Stefan offers his take on the latest challenge as Centili CEO.


“I am both excited and privileged to have the opportunity to stand in front of this amazing team. Filled with technology-passionate people dedicated to our product, we are eager to contribute to a carrier billing ecosystem in which streamlined mobile payment experiences feel both natural and secure. While we have already seen great success together with our partners, we are still hungry for more. As technology evolves, and digitalization catches up with new industry segments, we are striving to provide the high-end technology carrier billing that fits the needs of users, merchants and mobile network operators.”

Stefan Kostic, Centili CEO


Each day, Direct Carrier Billing is getting more and more dynamic. OTT services usage is growing daily and new segments are seeing the benefits of carrier billing, embracing it as one of the primary payment methods for their users. Soon, carrier billing will be the payment method of choice for a wide range of traditional services, from insurance to physical goods, with users expecting hassle-free payment options that don’t interrupt their overall experience.

Carrier billing experts need to meet expectations of all stakeholders inside the carrier billing ecosystem where mobile operators play a major role with their robust infrastructure and technology. With this new position, Stefan will continue to build upon Centili’s existing relationship with operators globally and establishing new ones, focusing on long-lasting partnerships that benefit the entire ecosystem.


“One of the things that we put in focus is opening new markets for merchants with subscription payment models and helping mobile network operators with an easy set-up of carrier billing ecosystems using our tailored made solutions for MNOs. Providing carrier billing in 80 countries with subscription payments enabled on 30+ markets, gave us knowledge and expertise that we bring to our partners when approaching new markets together with personalized approach to each partner with a strong focus on platform features and end-user experience.“

Stefan Kostic, Centili CEO