Superb platform availability

With over 99.99924 per cent availability of its platform in the last 12 months, our mother company- Infobip has continued setting the highest standards in the global mobile services industry.   - The figures are extraordinary – in total, we had a downtime of only around 3 minutes in the past year, which translates to only 15 seconds a month. If you think of all the technical complexity and diligence involved in achieving such a result, we really have a lot to be proud of, said the company’s Chief Technical Officer, Izabel Jelenic.  - Our third main data center  based in Washington, is now in full operation. All the systems are working simultaneously; we have achieved complete geo-redundancy, providing even greater capacity and stability of our platform. With all that in mind, there can be no doubt regarding our position as the front-runners in the industry, added Jelenic, one of the Infobip’s founders.

Infobip is currently maintaining strong and valued partnership with over 100 telecom operators worldwide, and is able to ensure a very strict and strong Service Level Agreement with its clients. The latest figures have once again demonstrated our commitment to attaining superb levels of reliability and technical excellence.