Tokyo Game Show: Infobip Launches ¥Coins, Virtual Currency for the Japanese Content Market

One of the most developed mobile markets in the world, Japan is fertile grounds for various content, with the popularity of virtual goods offering huge opportunities for content and service providers.

Ensuring engagement is only the first step, while the most important one is providing a convenient and easy to use payment method that will win over even those users reluctant to spend money.

With ¥Coins, Infobip becomes the first international payments provider to offer a mobile payments service in Japan to companies without a local presence, making it a unique offering in the global mobile payments and content monetisation segment.

As a virtual currency, ¥Coins (pronounced Yen Coins) are tokens exchanged for digital and virtual goods in games, social networks and online worlds, and are accepted in all services of a single provider.

The consumer – mobile or online user – purchases ¥Coins via direct mobile billing, charging the amount directly to the consumer’s prepaid or post-paid mobile account, available on all mobile operators in Japan. Alternatively, game cards from Japan’s leading providers are also accepted for top-up.

If you’re looking to break into the Japanese market, a turnkey mobile payments solution is your safest bet to overcome barriers imposed by regulations and market specifics.

Find out all the details about our connection to Japan and download ¥Coins brochure or read the full press release. Better yet, meet us in person at Tokyo Game Show starting today. We'll be presenting ¥Coins for the first time at booth no. 4-N65.

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