Turkey: In app payment option added

Infobip mobile payments Centili added Turkey to its direct mobile billing (DMB) coverage list in 2012. We also complemented the service with in-app payment options for Android apps.

With a population of 75.4 million, this fast growing Western Asian market has 69.4 million connections*, classifying Turkey as very interesting for local and global mobile app makers.

Moreover, developing countries like Turkey are defined as leading in smartphone penetration and mobile app consumption mainly because of their young population , which is truly enthusiastic towards innovation. Growing population and expanding technical development are not the only two things driving mobile payments growth in the country. Placed between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a fertile ground for different digital content providers coming in from all across the world.

If you already have Turkey as designated destination in the Centili Partner Panel, you can add in-app payments with a few simple clicks.

Contact us for more information on in-app payments in Turkey.  

*Sources: GSMA Intelligence