¥Coins: In-app payments now available in Japan

Last year, Infobip mobile payments created a virtual currency ¥Coins (Yen Coins) allowing all international content providers to monetise and promote their service in Japan. Besides making web based payments via ¥Coins, now users in Japan can also conduct in-app purchases. With this addition, mobile applications around the globe can reach the Japanese market.

This new possibility will enrich the content available through ¥Coins, broaden the user base and boost revenue expectations for ¥Coins merchants. Right now, the thing to keep in mind that Japan is currently leading the global Android app consumption. To make the most of this trend you only need to add ¥Coins to the payment options you provide, negating the need for an established local presence, a supporting publisher or huge initial investments.

¥Coins is now accepted in more than 700 popular titles like World of Tanks, Top Eleven, Robocraft, Infestation survivor stories, Play Snail, and many more. The user base is growing exponentially but the in-app payment option in Japan is just a tip of the iceberg that reflects our app-oriented strategy. We have big plans - our mission is to help you properly position yourself in Japan and other regional countries so make sure you stay tuned for news and updates!

Contact our sales team for more information on ¥Coins. We’ll be more than happy to help.