¥Coins, virtual currency growing into a game publishing platform

By introducing ¥Coins virtual currency in September last year, Infobip became the first and only remote mobile payment provider to reach Japan, one of leading markets for gaming companies.

Games and studios from USA, UK, Russia and China are rapidly adopting ¥Coins as an effective monetisation method for Japan. To ensure maximum conversion rates and extra promotional activities, ¥Coins integrated leading top-up cards allowing the end user to choose different payment methods.

By using mobile payment trough mobile operators DoCoMo, SoftBank and KDDI and top-up cards WebMoney, BitCash and Net Cash, game players across Japan now can buy ¥Coins and enjoy games like Top Eleven, Infestation survivor stories, Play Snail, Age of Wushu, Prime World and many others (find the full list of games currently accepting ¥Coins here).

”In Japan, 1/3 of digital content users are paying by direct carrier billing, 1/3 are using top-up cards, and the rest of them are using credit cards. By adding the most popular top-up cards to direct carrier billing option, we are ensuring that the majority of game lovers can enjoy international games accepting ¥Coins„, stated Paolo Rizzardini, VP of Infobip mobile payments.

Even though ¥Coins is essentially a virtual currency, it is growing into a game publishing platform for Japan, accepting various payment methods and gaining a unique user base - paying gamers in Japan.

”When creating ¥Coins we were thinking about solving a major problem for game creators big and small from US, Europe and even Asia – how to effectively reach Japan without skyrocketing costs. ¥Coins gives an answer to that problem - it is not just a monetisation option, it’s an opportunity for each and every game developer to promote their work directly to Japanese users. Since all ¥Coins users need to create an account, soon we will have a great user base for promotional activities. Targeting paying gamers is a dream come true for every game studio. It’s a too valuable opportunity to be ignored and one of the reasons why we expect more than 1000 titles to adopt ¥Coins by the end of the Q2 2014”, says Paolo Rizzardini, Infobip VP Mobile Payments.

Interested in ¥Coins? Find out how you can promote and monetise your service in Japan with no major investments - contact our ¥Coins team.