Badoo is the world's largest social discovery network with over 356 million users across 190 countries.

Over the course of a decade, Badoo has been committed to providing a fun and exciting environment where people can meet and interact online. At the same time, Badoo has been dedicated to solving major challenges in the social discovery space, with particular regard to privacy, safety, and security. To provide its users with the best in both service and technology, Badoo works with trusted partners that can support its high standards.

The Challenge

Over the past few years, the number of users on Badoo’s mobile app has grown widely. Alongside this impressive growth, Badoo aims to guarantee a quality user experience for all. The in-app payment flow needs to complement this and to ensure this a number of requirements must be met:

So, the entire in-app carrier billing solution must allow the user to make purchases in a safe, secure and seamless way.

The Solution

In order to provide Badoo with the best possible carrier billing technology, Centili implemented its Android SDK which supports a seamless and secure payment process for Badoo users. 

The technology behind seamless flows includes:

In-app payment security


Badoo has been partnering with Centili as carrier billing provider since 2013. As our partner in carrier billing enablement for our social site, both for web and app versions, Centili helped us with opening new markets and boosting our reach with operators they have partnered with.

From the technical side, they provide to us innovative solutions that affect user experience and payment security for our end users. One of the solutions that Centili has developed is a new secure protocol for payment request communication and approval through the server-to-server communication.

With this innovative approach to the payment request communication through direct server-to-server proxy communication, Centili helped us create a fully-secure payment process inside Badoo application for Android users. This solution enables us to provide additional security to our users without compromising the user experience. We would like to express our gratitude for overall positive cooperation. We fully support Centili in all these features and innovations and happy to collaborate in the future.

Gianluca Cassaro,
Billing and Payments Lead, Badoo

Centili Payment Demo

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