Merchants and Partners FAQ

  • Q: How do Centili mobile payments work?

    A: Merchants simply integrate a Centili widget into their online offering. Customers then select to pay via text, enter their phone number, and then complete the transaction either by replying to a text message or entering the received pin code without the need to leave your site or having to sign up. Customers will be charged to their phone bill.

  • Q: Why Should I use Centili

    A: Here is the short list of reasons why should you consider Centili as a Mobile Payment provider of your choice.

    • No Setup Fees! No Monthly Fess! No hidden costs!
    • Easy integration with Payment Widget. You don't need any development skills!
    • Instant Service Activation within minutes using our Partner Panel tool.
    • Set your own price points for each country. Fine tune your revenue.
    • Hassle Free Signup process. Enter your email and password and you are ready to go!
    • Real time transaction and revenue monitoring.
    • Real 24/7 Support, keeping your customers happy.
    • Self Care ensuring highest customer satisfaction.
  • Q: Ok, but how much do you charge?

    A: We can charge as low as 2%, depending on your traffic.

  • Q: Fine, so you are telling me that I can start my service within minutes. I kind of doubt that…

    A: As long as your service conforms to our Terms of Service you need to follow 4 simple steps and integrate mobile payment within minutes, literally. Check Out our merchant how to start page.

  • Q:What are the payout rates for Merchants?

    A: Once you sign up as our merchant partner you will be able to see your predefined payout rates. These rates are negotiable depending on the amount of traffic your service will generate.

  • Q: When will I get money from Centili?

    A: Usual payout period is 1 to 3 months depending on the Mobile Operator policy. However in some cases we can reduce this period down to 7 days.

  • Q: Can I use both Android and Web Widget?

    A: Of course. The only difference is that we have provided automatic setup for web widget. On the case of payment API and Android library you have to contact us directly in order to setup the service.

  • Q: I am not receiving payment confirmations, what is wrong?

    A: You need to setup your payment confirmation page in partner panel. Check Out our merchant integration page.

  • Q: What is a Self Care?

    A: It is a service built specifically for your customers. They can always login with their mobile phone and check every transaction that they have ever made with us. This service significantly reduces load on customer support.

  • Q: Ok, how much do you charge for that?

    A: Usage of Self Care is absolutely free for you and your customers. We want your customers to be confident and relaxed about mobile payments process with Centili.

  • Q: How do you handle international currencies?

    A: Centili is a global business and as such allows you to be paid in a range of currencies (USD, GBP or EUR). However your customers in each country will pay for their goods in their local currency and once the transaction has cleared it will be converted to your preferred currency according to the relevant exchange rates of the day.

  • Q: Do you provide support for my customers if they are unable to resolve issues with Self Care panel?

    A: Yes. We have a specialist multi-national customer support line that customers can contact in the event of problems. We can coordinate with your customer support team also.

  • Q: What types of businesses do you work with?

    A: We're fairly open minded about who we work with, however it is crucial that you conform to Centili terms of service. Here is the list of business that are suitable for mobile payments:

    • Online services like "Pay per download", "Boost your download speed", "Domain Sales "etc.
    • Web payments for digital goods: music, movies, games, software.
    • Pay Per view and streaming services, Pay TV, Cable TV, and Web TV.
    • Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Internet Service Providers.
    • In-app payments for virtual goods like: virtual currencies, power ups etc.
    • Social networks, Dating Sites.
    • Basically any type of digital goods that you can think of.

Consumer FAQ

  • Q: What is Centili?

    A: It is a service that provides a convenient way to purchase digital goods on the web or mobile. It also may be used for number of different services that include micro transactions.

  • Q: How do I pay with Centili?

    A: It depends on your country and Mobile Network Operator. Most common flow is the following:

    • You simply enter your mobile phone number on payment form and push the Next button.
    • We send you a pin code on your mobile.
    • You enter the received pin code back on the web form and that's it. You have been charge to your phone bill.
  • Q: Is it safe?

    A: We are following high security standards that have been set in Mobile world. You need to have your mobile phone to confirm the purchase. That makes Centili service more secure than standard payment methods.

  • Q: How can I check my purchase history with Centili?

    A: In order to make the Mobile Payments more transparent we have provided you with the tool where you can track down every purchase you have ever made with us. We want you to be confident and relaxed about mobile payments process with Centili. With Self Care you can always check your purchases from the convenience of your home.

  • Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Self Care is absolutely free. You just need to enter your phone number and to confirm with the pin that was sent to your mobile.

  • Q; Why should I use Centili?

    A: Because it is secure, convenient and fast. You can finish your purchase in the matter of seconds. No additional software or signup required.

  • Q: I have entered my phone number, however I am not receiving text message on my Mobile Phone. What should I do?

    A: We are sending text messages instantly, but there could be several reasons for a delay. There may be signal reception issues in your location. Try restarting your device. It may also be a temporary problem with your carrier and the text could be delivered later.

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