Mobile Payments Ecosystem

Centili platform enables Mobile Network Operators to monetize their mobile network and billing assets by providing a comprehensive commercial solution to both the retail and the wholesale segments.

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Our solution will also enable Operators to establish or enhance their position in the value chain, extending their reach into previously un-tapped markets by:

  • Building a secure ecosystem around merchants and developers
  • Enhancing Brand Value and increasing user loyalty.
  • Enabling 3rd party Mobile Payment providers to further expand Operator reach.
  • Efficiently expose a host of mobile billing capabilities to the Mobile Cloud.

Centili was built with consumers, merchants and developers in mind. Our extensive set of features helps merchants to monetize their online success in an efficient and secure manner. The Consumer's user experience is incomparable with standard payment methods. Developers and Commercial Application Providers have the opportunity to monetize their applications through Mobile In-App billing libraries and powerful API's. By using these tools, Mobile Operators are engaging all the players in the ecosystem at once.

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