Monetize with Centili

Do you want to monetize your
popular service or application worldwide?

If you want to integrate mobile payment solutions, we've built a set of powerful tools for application developers, commercial clouds, vertical market specialists etc. We have aggregated all the mobile network specific stuff under a single API while handling the details in the background.

If you are not sure whether Centili is the right choice for you, check out some of the business cases that we support through our mobile payment services:

  • Online services: "Pay per download", "Boost your download speed", "Domain sales" etc.
  • Pay online for digital goods: music, movies, games, software.
  • Pay-per-view and streaming services, pay TV, cable TV, and web TV.
  • Pay via mobile for Wi-Fi or other Internet connections.
  • In-app payments for virtual goods, virtual currencies or game power ups, etc.
  • Social networks, dating sites.
  • Remote payments for physical goods (in some countries).
  • Basically, any type of digital goods that you can think of.

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