Payment Widget

Cross-platform, multichannel mobile payment solution.

A cross-platform, multi-channel mobile payment solution, the Centili Payment Widget is used by consumers to pay for digital goods over their mobile device. The widget integrates into web sites or smartphone apps and presents the most convenient mobile payment solution for merchants who don't want to get involved in payment API integration.

Our Payment Widget offers lightning-quick, customisable integration:

  • Adjust the screen layout and overall user experience – end users can complete an online payment with a single tap on their mobile device.
  • Custom look and feel – set the widget’s look and feel to complement your brand identity with just a few simple clicks in the Partner Panel.
  • Enable mWallets as a payment option – depending on merchant needs and technology provided, end users can choose their own mobile payment type.

Create and fine tune services and price points for both web and mobile flows by using our Partner Panel.

Want to create your own mobile payment service? Check out our Unified Payment API.

If you don’t need a web-based service, there are other options, such as:

Final payment notification result – receive a notification about end user payment status. You will receive a notification each time when an end user triggers a payment transaction.

The picture below represents different payment flows based on different browser platforms and environments.



Widget - Desktop

  • 2 Clicks purchase via Direct Operator Billing interface.
  • User will be asked to enter mobile phone number. In the second step, user has to enter the 4 digit pin sent via SMS.
  • Tested and approved on all browsers and platforms.
  • Premium SMS flow in some countries.
  • HTML5 support.


Widget - Tablet

  • One-Tap Payment.
  • Layout adjusted for tablet screen size and touch screen UI.
  • Automatic MSISDN detection via GSM network.
  • Seamless integration into native apps and mobile browsers via web call.
  • Standard flow supported in case of the device without GSM network support.
  • HTML5 support.


Widget - Mobile

  • One-Tap Payment.
  • Compact layout adjusted for mobile screen size and UI.
  • Tested against all mainstream mobile platforms and browsers.
  • Automatic MSISDN detection via GSM network.
  • Seamless integration into native apps and mobile browser via web call.
  • HTML5 support.

Check out the user experience for both web and mobile flow.

Standard - Web Flow:


User Chooses the product and enters the phone number. Click here to try.


Unique PIN used only once is sent to user's mobile phone


Finally, user enters the pin received and confirms the transaction.

Mobile – One Tap Flow:


Phone number has been automatically detected and user only needs to tap on the "Confirm" button.

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