Payment Widget

Cross-platform, multichannel mobile payment solution.

A cross-platform, multi-channel mobile payment solution, the Centili Payment Widget is used by consumers to pay for digital goods over their mobile device. The widget integrates into web sites or smartphone apps and presents the most convenient mobile payment solution for merchants who don't want to get involved in payment API integration.

SEP payment page ocross the devices

  • Automatic MSISDN detection via GSM network. An innovative way of using this powerful feature provides a smooth user experience with reduced number of steps in the payment flow or a single tap purchase.
  • Complete cross-platform experience. The purchase can be performed on desktop, mobile, tablets or laptops without the need of repeatedly inputting payment details before every purchase made with the same account.
  • Easy integration with both native and web apps. One time setup and integration for multiple services, devices and countries supported by the system.
  • Partner Panel Back-End. A tool of choice for complete Merchant self-care.
  • Compact layout adjusted for mobile screen size and UI. Slick widget layout suitable for any website design.
  • No setup fees, no monthly fees.

The easy way to pay

Our mobile payments allow you to monetise virtual and digital goods in a few simple steps. Payment flows are carefully adapted to specific countries - your mobile buyers always get the smoothest way to pay.

Standard web – flow

SEP payment page web flow

  1. The user taps the Pay By Centili button.
  2. The user is asked to enter his mobile phone number. A unique one-time PIN is sent to the user's mobile device.
  3. Finally, the user enters the received PIN and confirms the transaction.
  4. Confirmation is triggered with the appropriate call-back method.
  5. The Merchant receives a successful purchase confirmation – the final payment notification.

Mobile – One tap flow

SEP Mobile One Tap Flow

  1. User choses the package.
  2. Phone number is automatically detected and user only needs to tap on the "Confirm" button.
  3. Confirmation is triggered with the appropriate call-back method.

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