Centili Solutions At a Glance

Payment Widget

TurnKey Solution for mobile payments on the web. Seamless integration makes it the Ideal solutions for web merchants, online gaming, dating and social web sites. Basically, by using our widget solution you can easily start monetizing any type of online business. Want to learn more? Click Here.


There is a large diversity of Payment technologies around the Globe. While some of the Operators are providing Direct Billing and WAP interfaces the majority of the Telco's still relies on decade-old Premium SMS technology. Therefore we have built two different APIs covering all possible payment options and flows. Direct Mobile Billing API is available in US, Western Europe and some parts of Asia. For the rest of the world you should use Premium API. Want to learn more? Click Here.

Partner Panel

Take Control of your business! Partner Panel allows you to take complete control of your Payment Widget setup. By using Partner Panel you won't need our assistance to start with mobile payments. Partner panel allows you to:

  • Create new services using service activation wizard.
  • Set your own price points for each country.
  • Fine-tune existing services, add more price points, countries, etc.
  • Check your payout rates for each country and each Mobile Operator
  • Track down your revenue, transactions, payouts etc.

Once you are done, the service is live and ready to go, instantly!

Android Library

We've built an Android library that provides easy and seamless integration for Android In-application payments with all the cool features like One Tap Payment. Just import the library into your project and start using In-App payments from your Android application. Ideal solution for Android Developers, and basically for any type of Android application. Want to learn more? Click Here.