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One-click payments, subscriptions made available to 250 million data users in India, Russia, Thailand and Egypt

Mar 17, 2016

Over the last couple of months we at Centili have been working hard to bring 3G/4G one-click billing flow coverage to India, Russia, Thailand, and Egypt, enabling our merchants better monetization opportunities inside these markets.

Monetise In Thailand With Centili Subscriptions

Apr 22, 2015

The low average age of Thailand’s digital content consumer, and the country’s low credit card penetration rate present a continuing trial for merchants, challenging them to think beyond traditional billing models.

Centili adds trusted WEB, WAP flows for Vodafone mobile payments in Spain

Dec 16, 2014

We have recently introduced a trusted payments flow for Vodafone Spain which improves conversion rates and transfers payment processing from the operator’s side to the merchant.

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