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We are a global digital monetisation company. We focus on driving growth by providing innovative mobile payment solutions and frictionless customer experience.

The values we live by

On our journey of accomplishing great things, our values are our guide. Part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act. They shape our company culture and the way we nourish our clients and our team.



We execute boldly and with passion, focused on achieving excellence. We are a team of people who love their work and strive to provide impeccable service and product.

Challenging the current state, we create ever-evolving processes and products. We are not keeping the pace with the world; we lead the innovation.

Growth minded

At our company, success is about the approach: instead of “don’t know,” or “don’t have,” we ask, “what do we require to accomplish this?”

The very process of assessing, learning, becoming and achieving lead us to continual growth. As a result of this relentless work, our clients grow, too.


With our clients’ best interests in mind, we work hard every day to perfect our products and processes. Staying true to our promise is our number one goal. Our loyal clients and partners prove that commitment and scrutiny in our work quality is the right way to go.

From overarching goals to everyday business, we take the full ownership and responsibility and proactively approach every challenge.


Open communication is one of the staples of our culture. We encourage everyone to give and accept feedback. We’re only human – which is why we embrace mistakes and convert them into learning opportunities.

We are one team

From decision-making to a culture of encouragement, we help each other achieve the goals and proudly share successes. We care about each other and respect the differences while welcoming positivity, humour, and kindness. We keep each other’s backs – and the team is a safety net that cushions any falls.

We grow together. We play as one team with our colleagues and clients.

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Centili today partners with over 280 mobile network operators, and leading digital content providers. Together, we enable superior mobile engagement and rapid digital monetisation.

Our story


A group of talented developers gathers in Belgrade to build a mobile payments platform from scratch. The investment is backed by Infobip.


Office in Belgrade formally established, the team expands.


Centili processes its first transaction. Centili signs Nordeus, builder of the popular football strategy game Top Eleven.


Business expands in Asia and Europe. Centili announces its deal with Wargaming, one of the leading European gaming companies.


Centili introduces an advanced subscription management platform - a huge leap in carrier billing globally.


Centili surpasses 2 million daily transactions and reaches 3 bn users worldwide.


Centili is chosen as the best direct carrier billing aggregator by an independent panel of industry experts at London’s Global Carrier Billing Summit.


Centili successfully implements Centili Maestro, a master aggregation platform. The company is rated Tier 1 carrier billing vendor in an independent ROCCO survey.


Centili is recognized as an established leader in direct carrier billing by UK-based Juniper Research.


Centili Elevate webinar series kicks off. Group-level agreement with Deutsche Telekom is signed. Centili becomes the best ranked DCB company in ROCCO’s Innovators 2020 report. Centili Fusion is launched – a digital bundling platform.


We celebrate our 10th anniversary and launch of the redesigned Centili brand. This year marks a fresh start for our Shifting Gears strategy and the victories ahead.

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This year, we are proudly celebrating our 10th anniversary!

Proud of making an impact across the globe as a leading digital monetisation company.

Ten incredible years of dreaming, developing our platform into a winning piece of tech, and building relationships all over the world. While staying proud of what we have accomplished, we are looking forward to the new ideas that will inspire us, new hardships that will motivate us to excel, and people that will enrich us. Let’s build another memorable decade together.

Industries where we made an impact

Monetise your games with us while reaching players in over 80 markets. Engage both casual gamers and passionate tribes with our convenient flows and diverse payment types. We’ll help you reach the mobile-oriented youth, the unbanked, or enter new geographies. All while reducing CAC.

Social & Dating

We offer an inclusive environment where anyone with just a phone can take part. At the same time, we offer full privacy protection and anti-fraud solutions vital for networking and dating services. Reach and thrill more than 4 billion people that we are connected to, and let us help with UX and localization support in the markets new to you.


Enrich your portfolio with over 200 digital services and leading digital merchants' names, boosting your brand relevance and your revenues. Our platform makes it easy for you to manage the entire ecosystem – target, reach and monetise digital experiences.


Discover what we can help you do to enhance your shopping experience and cart value! Through our omnichannel approach, both for your customer interactions and payments, we build personalisation and relevance that drive much higher response and purchase success rates.


Your industry is on the go, and so are we: designing mobile-first instant monetisation solutions, supporting multiple payment types, compatible with any transportation method or a combination – rental, ride-sharing, public transport, taxi, tolls - you name it. And just like your passengers, our platform is up & running 24/7.

e-Learning & e-Publishing

Monetise your growing content with us! Use our 280 telco connections or tap into our rich portfolio of payment methods for a wider reach. Enter new or emerging markets with our local support. We will help you set up bundling partnerships and do co-marketing, stimulate easy trials, enable subscriptions, and improve retention.

Financial services

Make use of our in-depth industry knowledge and our vast partner network. By connecting with our leading digital content providers, you can significantly increase the attractiveness and applicability of your services and improve your user targeting potential.


Improve your reach and UX with our omnichannel approach and intuitive customer journeys. We optimise our payment flows and design an easy checkout process, customised for any of your event types – from conferences to sports games. Our solutions are focused on promotional opportunities, enlarging your chances for cross-selling and up-selling.


Become a customer champion with our holistic communication & payments platform. We have created it to reach your customers right where they are, with the most suitable payment option just a click away. Discover how we can help you speed up the sales process and increase conversions.

Music & video

Your audience can enjoy your content on any device. We are here to help you monetise equally. Discover our wide array of payment methods, subscription models, bundling options and promotional mechanisms. Use our network of over 280 telco connections worldwide and enter completely new markets through our established partnerships.

Banking & insurance

We know how to help you differentiate. Discover some of the leading digital service brands from our portfolio and delight your customers with a myriad of added values and unique partnerships. Create bundling propositions for any micro-segment, without complex integration fees and timelines.

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Confirmation of Quality
We are proud of our latest recognitions

Tier-1 Direct Carrier Billing Vendor for 2021 (#1 Industry expertise)

Best-ranked DCB provider in ROCCO innovators report for 2020

Monetise and scale with Centili

We believe there is an incredible potential to drive change globally, across an industry that is not only ready for a transition but cannot afford to miss it! Many businesses today are craving additional revenue streams, access to new customers and ways to unlock value.

Centili is there to enhance their growth in places they never imagined – help them orchestrate the ecosystem and monetize digital experiences in a new way, across the world. We invite you to discover value and build the digital future together with us.


Filip Simčeski


Lazar Arsić


Filip Milisavljević

Senior Vice President, Finance

Rui Antunes


Global impact. Local focus.

Kuala Lumpur

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