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Open positions

Explore our current job openings, and see where we match.

Open positions

Explore our current job openings, and see where we match.

Our hiring process

Step 1

Initial CV screening

Step 2

Phone or online interview*
* With our people operations team, your hiring manager and a few key colleagues

Step 3

Technical or project assignment**
** We usually skip this part of the process for senior positions

Step 4

Job offer and final details
Meet the people form our team that will lead your interview process

Marko Gudžuganović

People Operations Specialist

Life at Centili

Thoughts of our team

Karen Zhong

Regional Growth Director

Why do I choose Centili?

I love that working at Centili means a lot of international work.

The challenge of acquiring new markets and global growth comes with fun and dynamic energy of everyone on the team. When things become intense, I rediscover the team’s ability to make things happen and my power to take an extra step.

Nikola Antić

Software Engineer

Why do I choose Centili?

When I first started my work here, I was thrilled to become a part of a team that maintains and develops a platform that is on 24/7.

I am even more amazed today knowing that despite the challenge to keep the platform running, there is still a lot of room for experimenting with new ways of working, and the autonomy in creating a solution yourself.

Marija Milošević

Scrum Master

Why do I choose Centili?

At first, I thought that "One team" was just one of those daily mantras invented to motivate employees:). But, as months went by, I realised that this truly exists. Teamwork is not an urban legend here. And among all those good things that this brings, the one that is most appealing to me is that when facing the problem, we do not give significance to who made the mistake but to what this team can do to fix it together.

Help us make an impact

We connect digital content providers with mobile operators, turning existing users into paying customers by seamlessly monetising digital content and virtual goods. In-house developed, Centili is used by websites, mobile apps, games, and social networks worldwide.




People reached

1.5 m

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Discover life at Centili

Take a sneak peek at our process and company culture in action.

Global impact. Local focus.

Kuala Lumpur

The values we live by

On our journey of accomplishing great things, our values are our guide. Part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act. They shape our company culture and the way we nourish our clients and our team.



We execute boldly and with passion, focused on achieving excellence. We are a team of people who love their work and strive to provide impeccable service and product.

Challenging the current state, we create ever-evolving processes and products. We are not keeping the pace with the world; we lead the innovation.

Growth minded

At our company, success is about the approach: instead of “don’t know,” or “don’t have,” we ask, “what do we require to accomplish this?”

The very process of assessing, learning, becoming and achieving lead us to continual growth. As a result of this relentless work, our clients grow, too.


With our clients’ best interests in mind, we work hard every day to perfect our products and processes. Staying true to our promise is our number one goal. Our loyal clients and partners prove that commitment and scrutiny in our work quality is the right way to go.

From overarching goals to everyday business, we take the full ownership and responsibility and proactively approach every challenge.


Open communication is one of the staples of our culture. We encourage everyone to give and accept feedback. We’re only human – which is why we embrace mistakes and convert them into learning opportunities.

We are one team

From decision-making to a culture of encouragement, we help each other achieve the goals and proudly share successes. We care about each other and respect the differences while welcoming positivity, humour, and kindness. We keep each other’s backs – and the team is a safety net that cushions any falls.

We grow together. We play as one team with our colleagues and clients.

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