Company |Blog |Centili celebrates 10th anniversary - A word from Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev

Centili celebrates 10th anniversary - A word from Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev


Zoran Vasiljev

Group CEO


15 Jan 2021


Ten years ago, founders of the tech unicorn Infobip Silvio Kutic and Izabel Jelenic had an idea - to start a mobile payments platform that would capitalise on their growing expertise in the global telco business, and empower MNOs to stay relevant and adapt to the new age of digital monetisation. They teamed with Zoran Gasic. Within months, offices had been established, talented engineers onboarded, and the platform development started. Centili was born!

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Coded from scratch in 2011, our platform has grown ever since, reflecting the needs of our clients from all corners of the world. From one employee at the beginning, we grew to 70+ employees at the end of 2020. We have expanded to multiple global locations and developed a digital monetisation platform that keeps gaining international recognition for performance and innovation. 

Today marks Centili’s 10th anniversary. Reaching a decade’s age is an extraordinary milestone for a tech startup. Among thousands of them, only a few live to see their 5th, let alone 10th birthday. Turning ten means maturing and having a solid foundation and force for achieving significant successes in the next decade. We are just an inch from a complete transformation of our business, boldly sailing into MPaaS, excited to test innovative solutions and experiment in the uncharted territories of supreme tech development. 

Today, I am confident in Centili's expertise, platforms and knowledge for implementing and running digital payments on a large scale. Running them in ways that not only will serve subscribers, MNOs, and merchants but also boost innovation in the industry ecosystem

To all Centilians worldwide, all of our colleagues who were part of the team during these years, and our partners - happy 10th anniversary! We are celebrating 10 years of relationships that matter. Our commitment to our clients and our craft have been demonstrated by our growth and industry honours. But above all else, our success is really about our people. Thank You to our employees and their families. Without our dedicated employees and their supportive families, we would not be the company we are today. Their commitment to our vision, values, and the success of our clients, has allowed us to create an innovative culture and best-in class team dedicated to delivering performance-oriented results. Every employee past and present, every client, and every partner has played an important role and deserves recognition on this jubilant day.

When I joined Centili in March 2020, I had an immediate task: re-strategise, and pivot the business with an expanded portfolio that even the large players would find challenging and ambitious. I am proud of the team's outstanding ability, spirit and willingness to excel. And I couldn’t be more proud to lead a company that has managed to keep many of its employees to this day. It all speaks volumes about the faith in our brand and our company’s values of excellence, growth, and teamwork.

With such a strong backbone of experience and ambition for growth, we are in exciting times. We are taking the full force approach and heading strong with our developed portfolio. We are ready and already pivoting with our new propositions, proving once again that the only way forward is to rethink, redesign, and keep adapting. We look forward to many more projects in which we join forces with partners from different corners of the world to push the boundaries of digital monetisation possibilities, user experience, and frictionless buyer journeys across platforms and devices. 

Our 10th anniversary is a great occasion to give back to the global community of innovators. During Centili Anniversary Week (January 15-22), we will have some of the greatest minds reflecting on the pressing topics in business, management, and personal development. I invite you to join our celebration!

Zoran Vasiljev, Group CEO