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Centili Fusion: Bundling digital and telco services, as consumers like it


Centili Team


10 Aug 2020


In the last months we have been working diligently on our newest product, Centili Fusion, and this week we are officially announcing its launch! It introduces exciting new opportunities into the global marketplace of digital goods and services.

Centili Fusion is a digital bundling platform for easy creation and management of packages (bundles) consisting of telecom tariffs, subscriptions, and mobile data on the one hand, and apps, add-ons, free trials, and bites of popular digital services on the other.

Packages are purchased via prepaid or postpaid telco tariffs, although this is not the only way of blending telco and merchant offering, aimed at delighting consumers around the world.

Centili Fusion is a sophisticated Platform-as-a-Service available in 80 countries and engineered by one of the strongest dev and product teams in mobile payments, recognized for excellence and innovation capability for several years in a row now. The newest product in our suite introduces a new level of flexibility and features needed in splitting and rearranging digital content in ways that meet changing consumption patterns. It is where global telco and digital offerings meet and combine, multiplying benefits for their customers on several levels.

The product is built on top of Centili’s decade-long experience in digital monetization and close cooperation with MNOs from different corners of the world. It also draws from the rich in-house knowledge accumulated through working with the influential mobile applications, social networks, games, e-learning and other services, as we enabled them to tap new markets and monetize via telco networks.

With Centili Fusion, a telecom operator can bundle their prepaid or postpaid tariffs with learning or business applications, games, entertainment bits. If done right, this adds value for both individual and business users. It also provides MNOs with a means of maximizing their subscriber satisfaction and loyalty. This can sound easy, or like something that partially already exists within telco companies, but a deeper look into business realities reveals a different story. Implementation of such solutions involves overcoming significant obstacles, and not all of them are technical. Business and process consultancy is equally important for the success of bundling projects,

Oftentimes, MNOs will face legal and regulation complexities, which can slow down bundles’ creation and launch. There are commercial details, contracts, settlement, billing, licenses that might be required. It takes sophistication to configure and launch bundles to the market fast. An engine powering such capability must be reliable, available, and easy to use. Also, it should always be adequately supported. And finally, engineers should constantly add improvements to the bundling platform, to make sure it reflects most recent market developments and opportunities.

Centili Fusion has the following core capabilities:

  • User authentication

  • Payments

  • Billing and settlement

  • Bundle management

  • Localization and UX

  • Customer lifecycle management engine

  • User retention

  • Partner onboarding

  • Upselling

  • User retention

  • Analytics

How to devise the right kinds of bundles for different customer groups remains a constant challenge for mobile network operators around the globe. To delight the customer is imperative, and the digital world offers opportunities for adding value. Embarking on that journey requires some thought and dedication, as well as willingness to try and test different bundles, and understand which ones work best for consumers.

The ability to change and test them quickly, and activate them quickly is important. Whatever the approach, it will require measurability, analytics and real-time insights, on top of the core functionality such as payments processing and management, settlement or user authentication.

Merchants, on the other hand, face an array of challenges of their own. They vary from market to market and usually involve user acquisition and retention. Tapping the unknown markets is challenging, too. For them, Centili Fusion is a partner platform for access to telecom networks, globally. Again, ease of handling and speed in bringing bundles in front of consumers will be crucial. If the effort is joined with telco marketing, benefits can be huge, in terms of user acquisition and retention.

-There’s a level of complexity and friction involved in creating and bringing those kinds of products to the market. With ten years of experience with both MNOs and digital merchants, we are in an ideal position to facilitate the creation, launch and management of bundles of all kinds – from simple add-ons and data packages to learning applications as parts of the postpaid subscriptions. Our role goes beyond delivering technology – we also handle the underlying technical, commercial and legal complexity. For both MNOs and merchants, this translates into rapid go-to-market, and significantly less hassle as they move to capture new opportunities.

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