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Company values: Why do they matter?

10 Dec 2020


03 Dec 2020


10 Dec 2020


10 Dec 2020



Another Centili Elevate live webinar is around the corner! On Friday 11 December SVP Marketing Dina Janevski Farcic will host the knowledgeable Federica Leotta and Iva Skorin to discuss values, the vital part of top-performing businesses. You can register here and we will send you the access link. 

Federica is Head of education and employer branding at the prominent Italian company WeSchool. She has helped international companies structure their employer branding strategies and core values. Based in Milan, Italy, she is holding degrees from the prestigious Luigi Bocconi and has lived and worked in Sweden, Spain, Singapore and the States. Iva started as the national TV reporter and moved to communications and PR in telco and the international tech. She led communications at Infobip, one of the most prominent European unicorns. An expert in employee engagement, Iva studied communications in Croatia and the States and has worked as an associate university professor. Join us!