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Gamescom 2020

26 Aug 2020


11 Aug 2020


26 Aug 2020


26 Aug 2020



With Gamescom taking place as an online conference this year, Centili is preparing to participate in a series of virtual meetings and sessions from 27th to 30th August.   

Use the opportunity to meet and chat with our Lazar PasajlicTijana DjordjevicDina Janevski Farcic, and Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev, business professionals with vast experience in providing digital monetization solutions globally.

This year we have lots of products and monetization options to present. Our newly launched Centili Fusion is a hassle-free PaaS for bundling apps and services with telco plans and tariffs in different commercial models. It is a co-marketing partnership engine, enabling digital merchants to build and launch joint products with telcos, globally.

We enable our clients for greater flexibility, offering them greater potential to monetize via large number of channels and to monetize within messaging and communication sessions.

Gamescom 2020 expects tens of thousands of people from the global games industry to connect to their virtual conference program, online booths, and networking app.