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22 Nov 2020


10 Nov 2020


22 Nov 2020


22 Nov 2020



We are partnering with this year’s HR Week, the international conference which will be hosted online from the 23rd to the 27th November. This influential gathering of HR and business professionals will look into specific human resources topics, and how they impact the entire business sections and development of companies.

Centili Group CEO Zoran Vasiljevwill give a keynote presentation on the 27 November, titled “HR team that lives locally and works globally”. Our HR Director Ivana Rakonjac will speak on a panel on the organizational culture in the times of transformation on the November 26th while Hana Celap will host a networking session on the 27 November. 

The event will gather experts from the leading tech and finance companies in SE Europe, including senior professionals from the likes of Amazon, and LinkedIn.

HR Week aims to educate, engage and inspire HR professionals across the region by providing cutting-edge insights into current best practices and the future of the HR. Leading HR experts and accomplished practitioners will deliver keynote presentations, case studies and masterclasses on each of the five days.