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Istanbul Tech Week

05 Nov 2020


16 Oct 2020


05 Nov 2020


05 Nov 2020



Centili Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev will give a keynote speech at this year’s Istanbul Tech Week. Titled Monetizing with Conversational Commerce, it will shed some light on the technical and operational prerequisites of building customer/centric purchase flows, preceded by interactions on WhatsApp, RCS, SMS and other messaging and social channels.

Reaching, engaging, and enabling customers to pay – via any popular channel they like to use – remains the desire of many, but only a few seem to have implemented it. With the Centili and Infobip conversational commerce framework, companies can design communication, make it timely and personalized, and guide it towards the frictionless payment step.

Istanbul Tech Week is an online technology conference focused on the major ecosystem topics and includes special programs on AR/VR, cloud computing, new generation marketing, technology in the industry, technology for healthy living, digital services and technology at home. It is a part of Smartcon initiative which aims to explain the applications of disruptive technologies to the business world and has brought together 1,509 companies and 8,450 participants from 15 different sectors since 2015.