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Shift Money 2019

17 Nov 2019


13 Nov 2019


17 Nov 2019


17 Nov 2019



With Shift Money 2019 approaching fast, Centili experts are preparing for this leading SEE fintech conference where industry movers and forward-thinkers explore new ways to disrupt the world of payments, insurance, lending and blockchain. Shift Money is hosted in Zagreb 18-19 November.

More than 1000 people are expected to attend this year. The conference focuses on bringing top industry leaders on stage to offer their views on the most recent developments in fintech, and the future of money.

Our developers and product experts Lazar ArsicFilip Simceski and Aleksandar Drazic will be attending - get in touch if you’d like to speak with them! Western Union, Morgan Stanley, Pay Pal, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Allianz have been confirmed as participants, and 35 speakers were announced so far. Looking forward to meeting you at Shift Money 2019!