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Digital bundling platform for global growth

Enter multiple new markets and efficiently drive user acquisition.

Do you recognise these pain points?

Managing the growing CAC in a crowded market?
Struggling to engage with your user base?
Slow and complex monetisation processes?
Having a hard time establishing recurring revenues?
That’s why we invite you to join Centili Fusion

Co-marketing partnership engine, to provide joint products with telcos.

And not one telco, but a whole global network of operators, at once.

The only thing you need is a single integration

What Centili Fusion brings

Discover our flexible bundle models

Soft bundle

Your app feature (bite), free trial, discount or basic content is bundled with a telco product (e.g. data pack). Users pay for the bundle through their prepaid or postpaid telco account.

  • Rapid user acquisition. Fusion is ideal for entering a new market or a new target segment
  • Great visibility. It helps build brand awareness and gain market exposure
  • Mass-market distribution. Get free mass-market distribution through the telco channels and marketing push
  • Increased conversion. High potential for converting trials to paying users and generating revenues through DCB
Hard bundle

Your app or service is bundled with a telco monthly tariff plan. Users pay for the joint product through their telco bill.

  • Ideal for promoting premium digital services
  • Excellent for entering postpaid and business heavy markets
  • You get broad marketing support from the telco partner, saving on your marketing costs
  • You increase your conversion rates and build a paying user base
Data gifting

You buy data and offer it bundled with your digital products. Grant “free” data to your users as an incentive to purchase your content, subscribe, or upsell.

  • Suitable for markets where you already operate and seek to stimulate revenues
  • Improves your sales by adding value to your own digital offering
  • You can achieve excellent bulk data price thanks to Centili volumes, without minimum purchase requirements
  • Minimise your CAC by controlling data quantities
Reselling via Telco

Telco operators sell your digital service as a stand-alone product. Customers pay for subscription or content through their telco bill/credit.

  • You get an extra sales / user acquisition channel at no cost
  • You can benefit from the telco marketing power to promote your service
  • You can leverage on telco data and analytics to ensure smart targeting and brand relevance
  • Fast payouts

Centili Fusion in action

Customer story

Boomplay: Data gifting and customer loyalty made easy with Centili

We have longingly waited to share an inspiring success story about a music streaming service client of ours, who has recently reached the new heights with Centili...

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How e-learning solution Busuu expanded into new markets

In technical and commercial cooperation with a telecom network, enabled by Centili, Busuu was able to reach hundreds of thousands of mobile subscribers.

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