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Grow as a digital service provider

Introduce mobile payments to globally monetise your user base.

Customers are getting attached to digital brands and apps. Are you capturing the revenues out there?

3h 40min

Daily average time spent using mobile devices


Of the total time spent on smartphones is within the apps

$ 120bn

Total value of global consumer spend on mobile apps in 2019

+ 20%

Annual growth in the value of consumer spend on mobile apps

Pick the best digital content and add it to your offer through one partnership solution

Centili Fusion is a digital bundling platform that enables you to grow as a digital service provider.

Integrating both your local digital partners and our vast global digital merchant portfolio.

The only thing you need is a single integration

What Centili Fusion brings

Enjoy our comprehensive reporting and support
  • Monitoring end-user transactions and interactions within the digital ecosystem
  • Full visibility and control of end-user subscriptions and subscription services
  • Revenue overview
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Rely on the 24/7 Centili team's support

Discover our flexible bundle models

Soft bundle
You get a merchant’s app feature, free trial, or some basic content, to bundle with your offer (e.g. data pack). Suitable for both prepaid and postpaid.
  • Ideal for rapid user acquisition campaigns, with popular digital content as an incentive
  • Proven to stimulate data usage and spend
  • You get a lot of marketing value by exploiting popular digital brands (co-branding offers and packages)
  • High potential for converting trials to paying users and generating revenues through DCB
Hard bundle
You bundle an app or service with your monthly tariff plan. Partners may also provide limited-time free trials to stimulate conversions.
  • Ideal for enriching postpaid or business tariffs with premium digital services customers love
  • Good approach to build tariff portfolios and upsell your base, or charge a premium compared to “skinny” plans
  • You educate the market and shift behaviors, building regular digital service revenue streams
  • Easy behavior-based targeting with segmented content options
Data gifting
Sell larger data volumes to merchants, to be bundled with their digital products. Benefit from their sales in both your prepaid and postpaid base.
  • Profit from the sale of data to our large partner network
  • Achieve brand promotion through partners’ marketing efforts
  • Stimulate data usage in your base, when stickiness of merchant’s products is built
  • You get a new offering and revenue stream without any investment
  • You can benefit from the digital service brand popularity and marketing to enhance your portfolio and improve your attractiveness
Compete big and use our proven expertise in the industry

In the last ten years, Centili partnered with the biggest telco players. Providing an award-winning platform, a vast network of digital merchants - both global and local, and dedicated customer support.

Centili Fusion in action

Lukasz Perzynski

Head of Direct Carrier Billing Team at Play


Thanks to the cooperation with Centili we were able to be the first in Poland and the whole EU to launch DCB for ride-hailing industry. Thanks to their understanding of the huge potential of DCB, constant adaptation, flexibility and can-do attitude we are able to deliver great services to our consumers.

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