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Centili Has A New Brand Identity


Centili Marketing


26 Jan 2021


Every company that aspires to great results grows and transforms over time. When the energy shifts in an ambition-charged direction, there's a need to represent the transformation visually. Especially so, when the circumstances comprise growth, new people influx and the need for a changed narrative.

Centili is going through such transformation now. It started with the appointment of our group CEO, Zoran Vasiljev, in March 2020. By introducing the "Shifting Gears" strategy to the rest of the company, we have taken upon a strong pivot in MPaaS. The company has just celebrated the 10th anniversary, leaving the start-up stage and entering a scale-up mode.

An evolved storyline

In the process, our entire storyline has changed: we now wish to present an enhanced portfolio and an innovative mindset; a new vision and core values, and a different attitude and set of ambitions. We felt it was time to revamp our visual identity and language and convey it with the right energy.

To fuel the refreshed company story, we were looking for a new brand that thinks "digital-first", has a very dynamic feel, and that is modular and easily adaptable.

The origin of our old identity was, on the one hand, a centillion*. On the other, the "cent", as a monetary unit in many countries worldwide - since the 1c coin conveniently symbolises our payments business. 

The new logo retained the number one as a bridge to the past and the core business. The change is that it's now exposed to the negative space between the letters. We found it was a subtle, clean, and smart way to present the symbol within typography, avoiding the need for stating the obvious by using the icon. Thus, the logo is more contemporary, making our design more in-line with the current visual trends and digital touchpoints. It also enables us to put forward the number one as a symbol of ambition, boldness and progress we want to make.

New identity to represent our transformation

Our new brand identity turns toward the representation of people, customer benefits, and the business verticals we operate in. We have developed a rich illustration portfolio to show we are heading toward the new benchmark: our absolute focus on customers, and their impeccable journey with us. The vast array of graphical elements, patterns, illustrations, and pictograms form the new Centili universe. It enables us to appear fresh and authentic and be instantly recognisable while retaining the look our customers know. It's an example of differentiation through communication, and it is now visible on all our touchpoints - from the new website, through social media to our product interfaces.

Centili universe is customer-centric Centili universe is customer-centric

We genuinely aim at showing the unique presence that will resonate with the industry. And we are excited to get feedback and impressions from our clients, partners, and colleagues. 

*centillion - a vast number equal to 10 to the power 303 or 10 to the power 600, depending on the scale used to describe the number.