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We connect merchants with mobile operators, turning existing users into paying customers by seamlessly monetising digital content and virtual goods. In-house developed, Centili is used by websites, mobile apps, games, and social networks worldwide.

Extensive coverage and top-tier capability

Our mobile payments solution is built on in-depth industry knowledge and years of large-scale cooperation with mobile operators.

  • 280

    global mobile network operators enable universal access for your services

  • 80

    countries with carrier billing, e-Wallets, credit card payments, Premium SMS, Web and WAP solutions, In-App payment flows enabled

  • 5

    locally popular payment options - including ¥Coins virtual currency for Japan

  • 4bn

    connected mobile users worldwide

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Centili Fusion

Co-marketing partnership engine, to provide joint products with telcos.

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What we enable

No hassle
  • Multiple bundle types
  • Multiple bundling options (one off, time based and subscription-based)
  • Wide variety of specific industry offers
  • Multiple activation channels (API, SMS, coupons, self care apps, portals, e-wallets, plus custom telco channels)
Quick launches
  • As smooth as it gets – we handle all legal and commercial agreements, integration, reporting and analytics
  • You get the management dashboard and reduced operational costs
Added value
  • Hop into telco bundles in weeks’ time - one integration for a quick launch in multiple markets
  • We use local expertise, customer support and UX design to help you navigate new markets

Multiple bundle types






Data Gifting



Easy to use front-end solutions

User-friendly web tools for mobile payments management and customer care.


Partner panel

Partner Panel is an online control panel for service management, transaction monitoring and reporting. It provides easy service setup with real-time revenue tracking, statistics, graph charts, report and more.


Customer care portal

Make the purchasing process more transparent for your users and reduce the number of support requests. Users can always login with their mobile phone number and check the details of every purchase that they have ever made.


Carrier-based subscription model significantly improves the customer experience and revolutionises your online or mobile business. The Centili subscription payments option allows you to automatically charge your users over mobile on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The invoices will be shown on their mobile phone bill.


Merchant-managed subscriptions

Based on the business model, choose the frequency of content delivery and charge the user every time it has been received.


One-click mobile (WAP) payments subscriptions

Combine the subscription business model with the one-click flow for the highest conversion rates.


Brand visibility and a unique look and feel are a must for every successful product or service. That’s why Centili gives you the possibility to customise our payments solution to your brand while providing your users with a seamless experience - throughout the entire checkout process, the user stays connected to your brand.

Centili in a nutshell

  • Get access to 4+ billion mobile buyers worldwide
  • Monetise your content around the globe
  • Up to 87% conversion rate
  • Revenue share business model
  • Seamless integration, cross-platform experience
  • Optimises payment flows

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