Payment API

Features, connectivity and know-how in one API for streamlined integration

Designed for merchants and payment providers with advanced e-commerce requirements.

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Connect to Centili’s payment platform through single API integration and take full control over your mobile payments and payment page design to create a unique experience for your users.

Centili payment API

Our platform provides server-to-server access to omni-channel payment processing and value-added services through one API. We make it easy for businesses to support their clients across web and mobile.


Premium SMS, web billing, WAP billing, in-app capabilities


One-tap payment and subscriptions supported


Advanced integration for high-end requirements

* Please note that to provide the best testing environment, we will need to first setup your Centili account. You’ll obtain the API key needed to test all the features and see how easy it is to integrate mobile payments into your existing projects.

Integrate the Centili payments experience!

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