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Centili’s highly secure and user-friendly plug-in payment solutions helps you easily integrate payment processing in your Android app. In-app purchase SDK lets you sell a variety of items directly within your app, including premium content, virtual goods and subscriptions.

In-app purchase SDK features


One-tap payment

The quickest and most intuitive end user flow, making mobile payments even easier.


Different billing models supported

Available for both one-time and mobile subscription billing models.


Reduced size

With our payment SDKs at less than 50kb, you can count on a lighter app.


No-effort integration

Ready-made solution specifically prepared for mobile apps and can be integrated in just a few clicks.

Android in-app purchase SDK


Android in-app purchase SDK *

Integrating Centili in-app payments into your Android app is quick, easy and secure with our ready-to-use kit.

* Please note that to provide the best testing environment, we will need to first setup your Centili account. You’ll obtain the API key needed to test all the features and see how easy it is to integrate mobile payments into your existing projects.

Integrate high-conversion payment flows for consumers!

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