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Seamless web and mobile payments integration

Improve conversion rates through a customised browser-based payments experience

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Centili’s hosted payment page allows users browsing your website on a desktop or mobile device to purchase digital goods and services. Both payment flows - web and WAP billing - allow purchases to be charged directly to the mobile phone bill or deducted from pre-paid credit. Highly convenient, they create less friction in the payments process, resulting in fewer dropped transactions.

Payment page features


Automatic web and WAP billing flow control

We detect the way mobile users initiate the transaction and steer the purchase flow towards the best user experience.


Web flow automation

Centili identifies users via their MSISDN, removing the need to repeatedly enter the mobile number upon each future purchase.


Easy integration with both native and web apps

One-time setup and integration for multiple services, devices and countries. Supports all browsers.


Layout adjusted for mobile screen size and UI

Slick hosted page with a responsive layout suitable for any website design.


Use the Centili payment page to effectively monetise your service through web and mobile

Web flow — Integrate the payment page into your website and guide customers through the process safely and securely, without them ever leaving your website.

WAP one-click flow — With more and more businesses optimising their services for mobile, Centili developed a one-click WAP billing flow, an easy and intuitive way of paying for goods and services while browsing on your mobile device.

Centili’s cross platform solution opens
up new revenue streams for service providers

With Centili, you can quickly monetise any type of digital goods offered to your web and mobile user base.


Web communities

Social networks or dating sites have large user bases which present a vast monetisation opportunity. Use direct carrier billing to charge for account upgrades, additional features, premium services etc.


Online gaming websites

Games like Top Eleven, World of Tanks and their high quality in-game content have created a huge demand for streamlined and effective mobile payments - we allow your gamers to easily purchase in-game content.


Pay-per-view and web streaming services

Getting music, movies, e-books and magazines on the go has become the favorite way of consuming content. Seamless purchasing flows result in more frequent transactions.


Physical goods providers

Mobile operators are increasingly adopting carrier billing for selling physical goods and getting higher conversion rates compared to conventional mobile checkout.


Cloud service providers

Give your users a quick and simple way to pay for web hosting, storage space and cloud desktop services.


Mobile content providers

Premium content for device experience customisation is something increasingly adopted by the modern consumer. Provide an option for streamlined purchases and help create unique mobile experiences.

Integrate high-conversion payment flows for consumers!

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