Company |News |Bemobi and Orange Egypt partner with Centili to bring DCB to all their users

Bemobi and Orange Egypt partner with Centili to bring DCB to all their users


Centili Team


12 Jul 2018


Cairo, Egypt | 12 July 2018  -  Mobile payment platform company Centili, has launched Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) in Egypt for the media and entertainment company Bemobi (a subsidiary of Otello Corporation ASA, formerly Opera Software ASA) and the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Orange.

The partnership allows over 33 million Orange subscribers to purchase a subscription to Bemobi’s Apps Club by simply charging the mobile and online payments directly to their mobile phone bill. Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) enriches user payment experience and simplifies the processes offering a variety of options for the end-consumer.

The smartphone penetration in Egypt is increasing rapidly, however only 2 percent of people have credit cards enabled for online payments while the smart phone penetration is over 28 percent. A majority of the users accessing online content have no convenient way of paying for it. Direct Carrier Billing resolves the dilemma by allowing mobile phone owners get charged directly through their mobile account.

The partnership between Bemobi, Orange and Centili allows clients to access the most advanced technology offered by telecom companies. As a result, clients don't have to be concerned with localization or legal compliance of the checkout flows since they are managed by Centili and localized to each country/market.

About Centilli

Centili is a direct carrier billing pioneer that enables highly converting mobile payment flows in 80+ countries worldwide. Seamless setup of the complete carrier billing ecosystem with advanced features for one time and recurring payments drives business growth for telecoms, online businesses, app developers, and digital content providers. Centili’s in-house carrier billing platform is built on top of deep industry knowledge and years of large-scale cooperation with mobile operators. Visit

About Bemobi

Bemobi, a part of Otello Corporation ASA Group (Formerly Opera Software ASA), is a Mobile Media and Entertainment company. More than that, they integrate people and mobile content through technology, constantly opening up new opportunities through innovative business models. After more than 15 years targeting the Brazilian mobile landscape in partnership with all major mobile carriers in the region, Bemobi has recently opened its doors to the world. They are now present in more than 12 countries in Latin America and Asia. Visit