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Centili at DevOps Talk in Belgrade


Centili Team


17 Jun 2016


Continuous Integration and Delivery was the main topic of the third DevOps Talk in Belgrade this June. Over 50 people from the local IT community gathered to listen to and talk with our Senior Developer Milan Radojkovic on one of the hottest topics in software development.

The idea of the talks was to show how we at Centili do Continuous Integration and Delivery on a given project, share some of the practices we’ve implemented, the problems we’ve faced and how the process enabled us to become far more agile.

This resulted in the delivery process being significantly accelerated, giving us the ability to put versions into production much faster, reducing the risk behind the launch of each new version.

The entire process has been fully automated, giving the ability to deploy with a single click and to any server configuration (regardless of it being one or 10 data centers).

Check out the Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment presentation.

The goal of this meetup, organized by Centili and Devana Technologies, is to encourage the development of the IT community in Belgrade. We are very happy that we were able to share our experience and knowledge with the local IT community.

See you at the next DevOps Talk scheduled for September!