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Centili Community Impact: Dedicating 1 percent of our working time to volunteering


Centili Team


21 Sep 2020


This year Centilians set for themselves an important goal - to shape and implement a program which will enable them to give back to their community in a structured and consistent way.

Although the company and its employees have donated, helped and taught on many earlier occasions, our new Shifting Gears strategy has envisioned additional consistency and organizational resources for those activities. It was out of such considerations that Centili Community Impact was born.

Centili Community Impact is a program which offers Centili employees to spend 1% of their working time volunteering, i.e. devoting their time, energy and sophisticated knowledge to programs and initiatives that promote worthy causes in communities they live in. 

Although the Covid-19 lockdown has put limitations on the number of things we could do this year, the project has moved on steadily and is now seeing its first tangible results.

With the key involvement of our finance manager Sasa and our IT technician Marko, these days we donated desks and laptops to NURDOR (National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) and to the Sremcica Home for children and youth with disability.

Laptops will go to young people after they finish with their medical treatments, which aims to help make their further education a bit easier, as they are not allowed to go to school immediately, due to their weakened immune system. We look forward to many more such initiatives, and to growing as a team, as we continue to make Community Impact.