Company |News |Centili hires two senior members to fuel China growth strategy

Centili hires two senior members to fuel China growth strategy


Centili Team


30 Nov 2020


News Image: Centili hires two senior members to fuel China growth strategy News Image: Centili hires two senior members to fuel China growth strategy

Having recently appointed Siddharth Sahi as Head of Asia, Centili has also added two seniors to our ranks in the Chinese megacity Shenzhen, the global technology hub and centre of research and innovation. Winston Lau took over as Country Head, with Karen Zhong hired as Regional Growth Director.

-In the upcoming quarters we’ll be making a series of steps to further capitalize on the opportunities in China, where we’ve been recognized as partners in digital monetization for tech companies and start-ups with the international outlook, Siddharth Sahi said.

Developers of games, apps and music and video services are looking into the nuances of their service monetization, which is inevitably tied with user experience, retention, and loyalty. Monetization Platform as s Service model is coming to prominence. Payment experiences and methods, security and coverage are topics of interest for companies looking to monetize globally. On the other hand, superior local service and local knowledge is key to successfully serving Chinese enterprises, the team says.

Centili started building its presence in China in 2013 and has been expanding the network of partners and clients ever since. End of 2015 saw the opening of an office in Shenzhen, a powerful ICT centre with a vibrant ecosystem of companies and start-ups creating new digital services for markets around the world. The office is cooperating closely with the regional base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Winston was a global account manager at LinkedIn for several years, responsible for growing their search and staffing business in China. He headed growth and products at a leading augmented reality company and has valuable experience from WeWork. Karen has more than 11 years of experience in international marketing and business development. She transferred from a Portugal-based social Android app store with 300 million users and strong operations in China.

Since founding in 2011, Centili has implemented countless payment pages, flows and subscriptions with hundreds of MNOs and digital merchants. As a technology partner, we have removed complexity and found ways to make carrier payments easy to use by customers, easy to manage by mobile operators, and easy to add to games, websites, and apps.