Company |News |Centili is 2019 Tier 1 direct carrier billing vendor!

Centili is 2019 Tier 1 direct carrier billing vendor!


Centili Team


16 Oct 2019


We’re proud to announce that Centili has been rated 2019 Tier 1 direct carrier billing vendor in the independent annual survey by the research company ROCCO, which was published today.

This is the second year in a row that Centili, global carrier billing platform for mobile network operators and merchants, has been recognized as Tier 1 company in the global DCB space.

UK-based ROCCO, specialists in interconnect, roaming and VAS areas, surveyed 143 telecom networks in 97 countries, from July until the end of September. Respondents were asked to rate 27 established carrier billing vendors on 30+ KPIs, on a 1-5 scale.

ROCCO’s proprietary methodology qualifies as Tier 1 only those companies with the average score 4.00 or above. The survey is open only to mobile network operators, which rate vendors on a variety of performance and leadership KPIs.

-To be recognized as Tier 1 vendor for two years in a row makes us both grateful and even more aware of the responsibility we have towards our clients and partners, as our business steadily expands. We believe that consistent good ratings from MNOs are a great indication that the efforts we’ve been putting into the company were well placed. We see this award as a testimony to our unyielding commitment to providing outstanding technology, consultancy and support to mobile network operators and merchants from around the globe. 
Goran Stepanic, Regional Manager MENA at Centili

Results were announced last evening at the World Telemedia show in Marbella, Spain, and the report is officially out today.

Centili was started in 2011 by a team of talented developers and has grown to become a company of 80 employees, trusted to process direct carrier billing transactions on more than 280 networks in over 80 countries. Centili’s in-house carrier billing platform is built on top of deep industry knowledge and years of large-scale cooperation with mobile operators.