Company |News |Centili is best ranked DCB provider in ROCCO’s Innovators 2020 report

Centili is best ranked DCB provider in ROCCO’s Innovators 2020 report


Centili Team


14 Jul 2020


Recent Innovators 2020 report by the research company ROCCO lists top 50 vendors from the roaming, messaging, and interconnect markets, as rated by MNOs. Centili is among the top 50, and is the best-ranked carrier billing company on the list.

As explained on ROCCO website, the Innovators 2020 report is a thorough strategic analysis provided by their CEO Jason Bryan and the lead researcher Antonio Rodriguez. Their findings are a combination of ratings collected from MNOs and academic concepts and discussions around innovation. In their report, innovation is broken down into several layers and KPIs, to allow a clearer understanding of the notion which is often applied too broadly and doesn’t allow for a proper assessment of this capacity in companies. By developing and implementing a proprietary matrix for innovation assessment, ROCCO has introduced another set of valuable metrics by which telecom vendors can be assessed, and their performance and capability better understood.

Vendors were selected by MNOs. MNOs could talk about any Vendor they wanted. MNOs rated the Vendor and if there was over 5 responses on a Vendor, ROCCO included them in this report, which is available for purchase via their website.