Company |News |Centili Profiled in Carrier Billing Report 2022 - 2026 by Juniper Research

Centili Profiled in Carrier Billing Report 2022 - 2026 by Juniper Research


Martina Dodic

Public Relations Consultant


21 Feb 2022

Centili is profiled and rated in the newest Direct Carrier Billing Report 2022 – 2026, released by Juniper Research earlier this month. The work of analyst Susannah Hampton, this 300- page study dives deep into the market opportunities and competition, outlining new use cases and challenges, as well as market size estimations and forecasts, split by regions. The research looks at several factors influencing the market, including regulatory challenges, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated increase in eCommerce.

DCB end-user spend to increase by almost 50% by 2026

Juniper Research predicts 5G-based mobile gaming and video subscriptions as the key growth drivers. It advises mobile network operators to leverage this growth by forging new partnerships with content providers and building distribution frameworks for new content paid for by carrier billing. The study estimates that the total end-user spend via carrier billing will increase from $50.6 billion to $73.8 billion in the next four years.

The research also found that carrier billing spend on digital ticket purchases will grow by 250%, from $141 billion in 2021 to $275 billion in 2024. It predicts that the rise of new transportation modes, such as MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service), will drive carrier billing spending for transit services by offering an improved user experience across a single app. Additionally, RCS messaging will provide an interface between MaaS users and transit service providers, offering real-time travel updates.

Total end-user spend via carrier billing in 2024, split by eight key regions
Source: Juniper Research "Total end-user spend via carrier billing in 2024, split by eight key regions" Source: Juniper Research

Centili is listed among leading DCB companies

Juniper Research looked at eleven key parameters when assessing DCB companies' capability and their relative positions in the competitive landscape. These parameters place a company on a matrix, showing its strength and capability compared to competitors. Following Juniper Research's proprietary methodology, key parameters are rated on the 1-5 scale and compiled into a weighted aggregate.

Centili was rated high for several key parameters. It is rated as one of the leading DCB companies, with its global reach, creativity & innovation, payment types supported, and future business prospects receiving top grades.


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