Company |News |Centili signs carrier billing agreement with Deutsche Telekom

Centili signs carrier billing agreement with Deutsche Telekom


Centili Team


23 Dec 2020


London, December 23 2020 – Digital monetization platform Centili has signed a group-level carrier billing agreement with Deutsche Telekom group, which will enable the company to establish direct connections to all MNOs in the group and provide digital content to more than 200 million subscribers.

The agreement encompasses the technical and commercial arrangements necessary to allow micro-purchases to be charged to mobile subscribers’ telco plans. This includes paying for parking or in-app features in games and social networks and is an increasingly popular payment solution for businesses looking to remove friction for customers at the point of payment. 

“Mobility and transportation, gaming, e-publishing, vouchers, video and music on demand are just some of the areas where the demand for carrier billing is increasing. Centili has substantial international experience and has spent a decade as a specialist integrator of mobile payments. This means we are perfectly placed to support the entire ecosystem as what becomes possible with carrier billing expands, helping to enhance payment experiences for mobile subscribers, telcos and content providers alike, says Lazar Pasajlic, Regional Manager Europe at Centili.

Based in Bonn, Germany, Deutsche Telekom is one of the biggest and most influential telecom conglomerates in the world, with operating companies in Europe, Americas, South Africa, and Asia. They are committed to using their expertise and infrastructure to streamline and enhance the interactions and experiences of subscribers in every aspect of their lives. Secure and efficient payments via mobile phones are an important part of that.

Centili maintains direct connection agreements with other large telco groups. It provides proprietary technology, payment tools, flows and pages, as well as operational and technical support for MNOs and merchants utilizing their Monetization platform as a Service. Founded in 2011, Centili partners with 280+ MNOs and leading global and national merchants to enable micropayments, user identification and mobile engagement. The company counts Badoo, Wargaming, iTaxi and Busuu among its clients. It was recognized as the Tier 1 direct carrier billing vendor in 2018 and 2019.