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Centilians enjoy some Adriatic sun, sea and fun


Centili Team


11 Sep 2019


Certainly not a bad end of summer for a merry group of Centilians from Belgrade offices, who took the opportunity recently to catch some Adriatic sun, sea and fun at Impact, Infobip's annual gathering in Istria, Croatia.

It was a weekend of sports and relaxation by the beautiful coast, accompanied with bites of great food, music and atmosphere.

Belgrade crew saw excellent results in sports: their Last Team Standing (Nedeljko Milosevic, Nikola Volarevic, Mladen Radovic) defeated Dina's Little Helpers in the volleyball tournament finals.

Believe it or not, it was the 7th consecutive win in the annual volleyball tournament for Nedeljko, 5th consecutive win for Nikola, and 2nd for Mladen, and their unyielding performance has already become legendary.

A minor bus issue on the road, which took Centilians off route for a couple of hours, certainly added to the sense of adventure. Other highlights from the Northern Adriatic include lots of dancing to live music out in the open, in a festival-like atmosphere, with Dragan Savic worthy of a special mention as a great dancer.

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